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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  July 28, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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because you could be the next khalid. -- kelly. >> you can vote on our web site. >> be patient. it may take your time to get through the registration process. do not get frustrated. >> vote for me. i cannot register at first. but eventually, i could. >> i have a video of the polar bear plunge. if i can plunge, i can do that. >> let's talk a little bit of weather now. we have some cloud cover rolling in. you will see some sun later. there is a fraud which is --
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front which is translating into warm and muggy air. we were 90 at the harbor yesterday. we will be around 87 degrees-92 degrees. >> the downed trees are gone but there are traffic lights out in many areas. if you're heading out this morning in the next few minutes, there is a traffic light out in one area. franklin boulevard and church road, and another area where you will have problems getting through due to the power outages. not too much in terms of problems. 97 south of the beltway checking out fine. and nice ride on the entire beltway. that is the latest. back to you. >> federer big story this
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morning, a rash of violence over the weekend. >> religious leaders are calling for a summer of peace in turning to their own congregations for help. our reporter has more the details. >> baltimore city police are stepping up after nearly two dozen people were shot over the weekend, four of those people died. they are calling for a summer of peace and are looking to expand that program. >> we of imports to continuing our dialogue in efforts to change the entire culture in our city. from one that tolerates violence to one that is standing up to it. >> faith leaders from all denominations gathered to talk about operation safe street. 19 people were shot in five different locations this weekend. two of them were related. leaders are saying more needs to be done to end this dimas.
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>> it is rooted in the gang and drug culture in the city. >> the column on all faith-based leaders and citizens -- they are calling on all faith-based leaders and citizens to help with this problem. without the summer peace program there would be even more violence and lives lost. they need to go further to keep children off of the street. they need help from the powers that be to make this happen. >> we were calling for the recreation centers to be open this summer. youth employment efforts should be increased. we want children to have an opportunity to do things outside of the gang culture. >> they're coming together in another meeting to talk about how to expand this program in the fall. >> a copy -- couple has filed a lawsuit against the howard
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county. they accuse them of killing their dog in a raid. they say they used excessive force while conducting a drug raid on their house. they entered kevin who had just undergone surgery and said he did not respond quickly. they also shot their dog. >> i lost my best friend. he helps me when i needed help without even being trained. >> we are taxpayers in this town. i have not had a parking ticket or a criminal record. why are you treating me like a criminal. >> they did find five small jars of marijuana and other drugs on a guest in the home. the couple was exonerated. a bill over health-care reform in congress continues to be
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debated. president obama will be at several events this week. >> today the president takes his health care message to seniors and takes questions from around the country. >> we have to get it done. we have to get it done soon. >> and other towns nhall on healthcare this time left aarp. >> they want to know how the president's plans will affect each of them. >> the form continues on capitol hill. >> we are going to work until this is done. >> house democratic leaders say they are making progress on the legislation. they went over the bill, but still no word on main vote. as the august recess approaches, they are keeping a close eye on the senate where bi-partisan
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lawmakers are reportedly reaching a deal. under their latest proposal, members of the finance committee are considering a tax on high- cost insurance policies to pay for the $1 trillion overhaul. they are considering scrapping the president's government insurance plan also known as the public aoption. officials say no agreement has been reached. there are still key issues that need to be worked out. in washington, nikole killion, wbal tv 11 news. >> michael vick could soon be sitting up in the nfl. he has been reinstated with certain conditions. he can participate in preseason practices and meetings. he was recently released from federal confinement a week ago. he served 18 months in prison for conducting a dog-fighting ring.
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the nfl commissioner acknowledges the mistake of michael vick and welcomes them back. >vic can also play in the final tally preseason games. -- michael vick can also play in the final two preseason games. he has defined an nfl team that wants to sign him. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think about the nfl's decision to reinstate michael vick? email us your response at >> coming up, the high cost of being obese. >> how much obesity is costing our nation for health care. >> still dealing with the after effects of the storm, traffic lights are out in certain locations. we are looking good
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>> a very good morning. 75 degrees downtown. it used to the humidity. it is not going away quickly. by saturday, we make a brief break. the forecast high will be around 90 degrees all week long. a mix of sun and clouds today. 87 degrees-92 degrees. there are chances of an isolated storm this afternoon. yellow air quality. if you are sensitive, do not exercise outside today. sinigrin category, it would be more refreshing. mostly -- in the green category, it would be more refreshing.
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more on your seven day forecast in just a little bit. back to you. >> in medical alert this morning, more than 25% of americans are obese. white related illnesses caused over $100 million. the center for disease control had a weight of the nation conference. doctors say obesity raises the risk for diseases like heart disease and diabetes, it also is expensive. people who were obese spent $1,400 more on health care costs than their counterparts. former president bill clinton delivered the keynote address yesterday. he said people must take an active role in their health. >> in the home, schools, doctors offices, communities, this is a social issue. we are trying to turn the titanic around before it hits
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the iceberg. >> the cdc recommends people reverse the obesity trend by encouraging physical activity and limiting sedentary behavior. >> 73 degrees on tv hill . a principal in florida has an unusual way of disciplining students. we will tell you about that next. we will have an update and a morning commute and weather when we come back.
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>> good morning. we are checking under morning commute. we're still dealing with traffic lights out in many locations. at about 40 and inside. frank and boulevard at church. and brown abroad, there are lights out at that intersection. -- and brougha , there are lighs
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near that in a section. it is dry. no delays at the toll plaza. the harbor tunnel looks good as well. it is problem free out towards the west side or jfx. >> good morning. we are looking very good on the rails right now. no delay is on the lines. metro subway is running on time. there are some was the version is due to water main break repair and construction. the metro subway is your best ride for several destinations. with the mta transiting, i am kirk.
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>> banks. a strong line of storms did develop yesterday. it was to our south. we only had trace amounts of precipitation at the airport yesterday. power in the air mass has not changed. we will stay monday today. it will last until friday. -- we will stay muddied today through friday. -- muggy today through friday. we have heat across the board. partly cloudy in the mountains. it should be nice out there. in baltimore, we will hit up to 90 degrees. casey, hot, and humid. -- hazy become a hot and humid.
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we may have some isolated storms. on the shores of ocean city, 83 degrees. they may get some showers and storms this afternoon. water to averages are up to 80 degrees. very calm. waves are only 1 foot. 103 was the record set back in 1941. 54 was a record low. our average is a 66 degrees. it will be just over that tonight. the humidity is going to be trapped right where it is. there's a chance for showers and storms tonight. another affront to our west will be approaching. -- another front to our west will be approaching. the main player is the bermuda high today which is bringing in
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a lot of moisture. very typical summertime temperatures today. slight chance of showers and storms each and every day. the best chance will be of a scattered a variety tomorrow afternoon late in the afternoon or evening. friday it will be more in mid as another front kids here. it will be -- front gets here. >> thanks. from hosting the whether to close in with regis and kelly. she has made it to the finals, but now in need your help, in nature vote. you can't -- and needs your
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vote. go to our web site to vote for her. today is the last day. >> and supporters of the repeal look medford don't ask don't tell started off in pennsylvania yesterday. the congressmen, the first iraq war veteran elected to congress, it is leading this movement . >> the gay soldiers were treated unfairly. >> the same standard for religion should be held for those with a sexual orientation.
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high-school students told officials that a teacher would pop his toes when the child's grades slip. >> it was a record-breaking day at a hot air balloon festival in france. it had the largest mass acent. -- ascent. they expect to see 1000 balloons participate in the festival. >> that is beautiful. it looks like a picture not real. >> it is 73 degrees on tv hill . >> we will take a look at one of your answers to the watercooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last
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>> time to get to one of your answers for the watercooler question of the day. >> what do you think about the decision to reinstate michael vick? >> he served his time. he should not be punished again by denying him a chance into the nfl. give him a second chance. >> we will read more answers in the next hour. one person in texas has had problems getting adjusted to a
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disability. >> we have the inspiring story next. >> from the time they met, it was love at first sight. >> she loves me, and i love her. we talk to each other often. >> an unlikely source of encouragement for a girl who always felt different. >> it not of my friends did not have this. it made me feel uncomfortable. >> she was embarrassed to wear her hearing aids or talk to others about her condition. she went to clearwater, florida and it changed her world. >> she was loving on me. >> she felt strained. >> -- strength. >> why should i be shy to show
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my hearing aid? >> after we saw her for the first time, as she started wearing her hearing aid and started talking to people openly about what was wrong. >> she wanted to learn everything about the dolphin. and she wants to be its trainer when she grows up. >> she has done many things to help me. >> that meant going without on her birthday so that the dolphin could have. >> she wanted to give presents to the dolphin. >> it was the least she could do. >> she helps me not to be afraid to be different. >> that is how she wants to say thank you for everything the dobbin has done for her. >> -- dolphin has done for her. >> she looks forward to making more visits. >> the dolphin has a prostatic
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talhetic tail. >> how would you like to go into space? we will show you what type of aircraft may help you get there. >> this week's woman's doctor on reversal tubal ligation. >> and would not it be nice to win the lottery just once? what about twice in one day? that is next. >> we are looking at a nice scammed hd doppler this morning. we have not eliminated the humidity in your forecast. more details coming up. >> we have hit the jackpot so far on your morning commute. we have some traffic lights out in some intersections. we will check the major world coming up.
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>> a violent weekend in baltimore city has religious leaders calling for action. >> senate negotiators are under pressure and inching towards compromise. i will have that story coming up. >> one week after completing his prison sentence, the nfl welcomes back michael vick if a team is willing to sunday controversial quarterback. how do you feel about him? that is our water cooler question of the day. >> the forecast is coming as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> you do not


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